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I am Cassandra Baes, a native of North Carolina, living and working in Wilmington, NC since 2012.


After studying many subjects through my first few years of college, I finally decided to dive into my passion for art. With the pressure of Senior Exhibition, work, graduation and family life all colliding, I started to feel weighed down and stressed to the max. I finally had a breakthrough and found a way to build off my obsessions of colors and patterns found in the natural world. I created a series of five oil paintings that would set my stylistic tone from that point forward.


Graduating from UNCW in 2014 with a BA in Studio Art was one of my finest achievements and without the support of my amazing wife Jessica and my wonderful family, I would have never made it through. Meeting likeminded people and professors had a great impact on my life and work. I continued to slowly create more art through the years after graduation, but the distractions of working from home had made it almost impossible to grow my body of work.


Fast forward to 2018 an amazing opportunity came through ACME Art Studios. I interned there my last semester in college and thought it was an incredible community of working artist. When I heard that they had a studio for rent, I leapt at the chance to get in. June 1st I finally moved into my first official studio space, not a living room, garage, or bedroom, an actual studio! Being able to work in this studio has expanded my work and jumpstarted my overall development as an artist.

Artist Statement:

I work in many mediums but my favorite by far is oil paints. Capturing the intricate details in tree bark with fine lines and brilliant colors draws the attention of the viewer, bringing them in to see a perspective that would normally be missed. It is important to observe and study the world around us, giving our eyes a break from all the techno advanced aspects of our lives, to reconnect with what really matters. This landscape gives us the literal air we breathe and without its presence we would not exist.

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